Leather bottels were commonly used for centuries. “Bottel” is one of the historically correct ways of spelling the item.

My bottels are made from 8 to 9 ounce leather, hand stitched, soaked in water and shaped. I then boil them in pure beeswax. After hardening the bottels are lined with a combination of beeswax and pine pitch. Each bottel will have a somewhat unique shape due to the natural variations in the way the leather stretches. These bottels should not be used for hot liquids.

Select a bottel image to view details of the bottel.

I try to keep a few bottels in stock, but if I need to make one when ordered it may take up to six weeks to complete. Email me for availability.

Warning: The beeswax and pitch lining will soften during hot weather and may become brittle during cold weather. Pitch is not FDA approved so use the bottels at your own risk.

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